Pratexo edge computing platform-as-a-service simplifies and accelerates the design, provisioning, and management of integrated applications at the maritime edge.


  • Global shipper M****** Tankers
  • With partners Telenor Maritime and Navidium


  • Ships now contain numerous, siloed operating systems (navigation, safety systems, cargo monitoring, propulsion, etc.)
  • Maritime industry produces significant CO2 emissions and is under international mandates to reduce dramatically over the next decade
  • This will require more integrated, autonomous ship systems, that must be tightly integrated at the Martime Edge


  • Pratexo micro cloud running on the ship breaks down operational silos and democratizes the data across ship systems
  • Each ship contains three to four Pratexo edge nodes, providing resiliency and scalability as more ship systems are connected over time
  • Massive savings in CO2 emissions due to more efficient operations, and in satellite link costs
  • Foundation laid for efficient, autonomous shipping

Technologies used: 

  • Edge computing, EDA, IoT, AI/ML, micro cloud, distributed computing, mobile, OSS