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We’re always looking to provide the highest value content to our loyal readers, listeners, and viewers. So, if you want to share your thoughts and insights with our rapidly growing audience through an article, fill out the form below!

If we think it’s a good fit and is within our Article Guidelines, we’ll get back to you about next steps within two weeks. We’ve listed a summary of our guidelines below.

  • The piece should be non-promotional.
  • The piece should be educational, informative, or provide useful information or resources to the reader.
  • The topic should be about IoT or one of our adjacent tech verticals (AI, ML, AR, etc)
  • The language should be clear and easily understandable, with minimal grammar and spelling errors
Before you submit your Article to IoT For All, please review this checklist of requirements.
  • This article is original and not cut and pasted from another website. It must only be published on the IoT For All website because we are not interested in duplicate content.
  • This article is 100% original and not plagiarized in any way and must pass a plagiarism review.
  • This article covers a topic that has not been covered numerous times already on the IoT website. To review what is already published, use the site search.
  • This article is not a promotional article or press release -> submit press releases here.
We are NOT looking for general articles like the following:
  • Machine learning and IoT are cool and they will do cool stuff in the future
  • IoT Security is very important
  • Smart Cities exist
We ARE looking for articles like these:
  • The Difference Between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning
  • Five nightmarish attacks that show the risks of IoT security
  • Singapore is striving to be the world’s first ‘smart city’

We have articles covering these topics, so don’t use these particular topics. Take note of the differences that make those articles that we want, though. The articles explain details of technology or take a close look at real-life examples.

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